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The literal meaning of “de Streekverkenner” is “site-scout”. 

Jurgen Hillaert (1967), the founder of this company, has over 30 years of experience in international leisure and tourism-industry.

To create groundbreaking exposure and innovative experiences are aims of the company. The company can be hired for research, lecturing, travel-journalism and destination-marketing and -management.                    

Jurgen Hillaert is owner/publisher of the main Dutch leisure-journal “Recreatiekrant”, which is published eight times a year. Each issue has over 100.000 readers. He is editor of Recreatief Totaal (, the leading magazine in the Netherlands for investors and entrepreneurs in the leisure-business. He is also the weekly columnist for the  Rijnpost, a house-to-house-magazine in the heart of Holland with over 60.000 readers.

In 2014 Jurgen Hillaert was initiator of the trans-European Leonardo da Vinci project “From vocational training to success” and was co-author – together with Croatian partners and the Tourism-faculty of the Slovenian University of Maribor – of an European manual for vocational training in tourism. European manual for students in tourism (co-author J. Hillaert)

In 2016 he was asked by the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management to present an innovative strategy for tourism-companies at the Krakow University of Economics to anticipate on coïncidence, good and bad luck in the sector. Think about political tension, terrorism and natural disasters on the one hand and on the other hand novels, movies and games which arise ‘all of a sudden’ about a certain destination and have huge effects on the tourism-flows to a certain area.

Jurgen Hillaert has experience in EU-Interreg-projects and has been projectleader of crossborder tourist-projects between Germany and the Netherlands. 

He has a background as  a local (City of Veenendaal) and regional  (Province of Utrecht) ‘green politician’ and is boardmember of the Businessclub of Tourism-professionals in Gelderland: and of the Theatre Lampegiet in Veenendaal.

For “the Green Heart of Croatia”, Czech Tourism and Poland Travel Jurgen Hillaert has arranged publicity in the Netherlands.

He is examiner/commissioner for the Breda University of Applied Sciences and involved in the study ‘Sport Sciences’ of the HAN University of Applied Sciences and board-member of Theatre Lampegiet.

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